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The Flowdock API

This is the official documentation for the Flowdock API. If you have any problems or questions, contact us at support@flowdock.com.

Getting content into Flowdock

Flowdock users expect integrations to work in a particular manner. Content from third party services should be pushed to the team inboxes of selected flows. People in the flow can then comment or act on the content using threads.

To get started with an integration, read Developing Integrations.


Authenticate as a user, send, receive and edit information about flows and messages.
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Push API

If you're looking to integrate a service with Flowdock, please check out Developing Integrations instead.

Post messages to the chat or team inbox using a flow token, without user authentication.
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Streaming API

Listen to messages from flows in real-time. stream.flowdock.com
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API Changes

The API documentation source is available on GitHub. Follow the repository to stay up to date with any changes.