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The CA Flowdock API provides functionality for downloading and uploading files. Files are accessible via messages, which can contain file paths. There are several message types which can contain files, but the file event is used for uploading files. For example, mail messages can contain files as attachments.

Download a file

The REST API path of a file is stored in the path field of each attachment. See Message Types documentation for examples of attachments.

GET /files/12345/3929321049bd012fc20f0026b0d8e16c/screenshot.png


HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Flowdock-User: 2
Content-Length: 0
Location: https://fd-files-production.s3-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/12345/3929321049bd012fc20f0026b0d8e16c/...

The full file can be downloaded by following the redirect. The URL is only valid for a short time period.

List files

A list of messages that contain files can be fetched by searching with the tag :file. If you just want the files uploaded to the flow’s chat, you can filter by the message event file. See the documentation for listing messages.

Upload a file

You can upload individual files using the Messages resource of the REST API. Here’s a quick curl example:

curl -v -X POST -F "event=file" -F "content=@path/to/file.png" http://BASIC-AUTH@api.flowdock.com/flows/ORGANIZATION/FLOW/messages

Alternatively, as an integration developer, files can be uploaded as attachments to activity and discussion messages.

curl -H "Accept: application/json" -F "attachments[file1]=@localfile.jpg" -F "author[name]=Uploaded" -F "event=activity" -F 'title="Upload a file"' -F 'body=test <img src="cid:file1">' -F "thread[title]='Thread title'", -F "external_thread_id=asdfasdf" -F "flow_token=FLOW_TOKEN" http://api.flowdock.com/messages

In this example, the attachment is given an id (file1) to be able to reference it in body with the cid:file1 URI. This is optional, but either all attachments must have an id or the id should be omitted for all attachments.