Get things done and stay up-to-date with teams across the organization.

Flowdock® Enterprise is a team collaboration app for desktop, mobile & web.
Find the right people, conversations and information with ease.
Solve problems quickly across tools, teams & time zones.

Group Chat

Stop suffering from massive e-mail threads and flaky IM systems. Persistent group chat lets you quickly share files & thoughts.

Team Inbox

The team inbox displays emails and messages from project management, customer support, source control & other tools. It keeps your personal inbox clutter-free.

React Together In Real Time

By integrating your team's workflows, you'll have one place to discuss it all. React, decide and solve problems faster than ever. CA Flowdock is stacked with features that make all this happen.

Enterprise-grade, from the features to our support staff

CA Flowdock Enterprise is fully geared towards the needs and requirements of large organizations.

  • Manage users easily with single sign-on

    Your current user management system is all you need to manage CA Flowdock users. CA Flowdock SSO includes fully automatic provisioning and de-provisioning support with SAML 2.0 and SCIM 1.1.

  • Custom data retention policies

    Whether you need to store all discussions forever or you need everything destroyed with a specific cadence, we've got you covered.

  • SLA guaranteed 99.5% uptime

    For three years running, CA Flowdock's average uptime has been over 99.96%. We have real-time self-service monitoring available.

  • Priority support

    Your requests will be taken to the front of the support queue. Every time. Support engineers are at your service in Europe and the US.

  • Integration auto-removal

    When the creator of integrations leaves a flow, the connection will be disabled. Improves security automatically.

  • Flow-level administration

    Flow-level admin mode allows your organization to restrict management of users and integrations in flows only to specific people.

  • Pay by invoice

    As an alternative to credit card billing, receive an invoice for CA Flowdock.

80+ Custom Integrations

Our custom integrations – combined with email & RSS support and a fully-functional REST API – make sure your favorite tools are supported. From project management to version control, deployment to customer support, wikis to Google Apps, we've got you covered.

Bullet-proof security is our number one concern

CA Flowdock Enterprise is run on a robust infrastructure and trusted by many of the world's largest enterprises.

  • Secure infrastructure

    CA Flowdock runs on Amazon Web Services. Our security framework is based on the NIST 800-53 Rev 4 industry standard.

  • Data encryption

    All data in CA Flowdock is encrypted both in-flight and at rest.

  • Code review & audits

    We run quarterly third party code reviews and audits to make sure our security is top notch.

  • Additional Security documentation

    Get a full description of the robust infrastructure that CA Flowdock runs on.

  • Custom reviews with our security team

    CA Flowdock's security team is available to take you through your company's security review process.

  • Advanced API for auditing

    You will have access to audit logs of your company's activities in CA Flowdock.

From your desk to your pocket.

Wherever you go, on the device that you love

Any modern browser gives you CA Flowdock on the desktop, and our iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android apps keep you up to date when on the move. Mac OS X and Windows users even get their own app.

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Single Sign-On

With CA Flowdock Enterprise, integrate with our SSO partners or any SAML 2.0 and SCIM 1.1 compatible SSO provider to remove the need to manually manage your users and help prevent unauthorized access.

  • Okta is an enterprise-grade identity & mobility management service for all your apps, users & devices.

  • OneLogin is a single sign-on and identity management service for cloud-based applications.

  • SAML 2.0 is a standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between services.

  • SCIM 1.1 is a standard the allows for the management of user identities and groups across services.


Michael Twentyman

Software Architect, TED Conferences

"TED uses Flowdock to keep our teams connected. Despite being distributed across timezones and continents, we can keep in sync on issues impacting our users, track changes in our code, and rapidly respond to technical challenges at our conferences. For an organization with lots of ideas worth spreading, it's a perfect fit."

Jeff Yemin

Engineering manager, MongoDB

"We use Flowdock as one of our primary communication tools across teams and offices to manage and discuss how our various systems are performing. It has enabled us to raise and discuss solutions faster, becoming a core solution we depend on."

Notify and be notified.

Always-On Communication

Stay updated and within reach while on the go. Simply mention someone by their @name to make sure they notice. They'll hear and see a desktop notification and get a push notification on their phone.

Drill down on deploys.

…Or Wiki Changes Or Failed Builds

Here's an example of the power of chat combined with notifications from other tools: list your production deploys and describe what was deployed - then talk about it! Do the same for GitHub pull requests, customer support tickets, or whatever matters most to you.

#deploy #production #qa
Customer #feedback
I just gotta say: I love your product!
Opened pull request 734: Stabilize the flux capacitor
I've managed to lower the required speed to 80…
Acceptance tests build 824 failed
Acceptance tests triggered by commit cf945642
Web app on #production with branch master
The following 5 changes were just deployed to production
Message gateway deployed on #qa with branch master
The following 1 change were just deployed to production
Backend deployed on #production with branch master
The following 3 changes were just deployed to production
Web app deployed on #qa with branch master
The following 8 changes were just deployed to production
Flowdock web deployed on #qa with branch master
The following 8 changes were just deployed to QA
John - 2 minutes ago
4448569 Add placeholders to confusing form fields
78f7966 Separate boxes for plans
e60543d validate subdomain
1b9c6a9 new org dialog, basic form, basic validation
3bda499 Improve deploy search animation
d4362be Change the pricing FAQ
1fac878 Preliminary rest/organizations/create action
5b37522 Post JSON in request spec
5069df6 Disable root-level objects from AMS json


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