CA Flowdock Enterprise

Enterprise-grade, from the features to our support staff

CA Flowdock Enterprise is fully geared towards the needs and requirements of large organizations.

  • Manage users easily with single sign-on

    Your current user management system is all you need to manage CA Flowdock users. CA Flowdock SSO includes fully automatic provisioning and de-provisioning support with SAML 2.0 and SCIM 1.1.

  • Custom data retention policies

    Define how long you need to store all discussions based on the needs of your organisation. Whether you need everything destroyed with a specific cadence, or to store for longer periods, we've got you covered.

  • SLA guaranteed 99.5% uptime

    For three years running, CA Flowdock's average uptime has been over 99.96%. We have real-time self-service monitoring available.

  • Integration auto-removal

    When the creator of integrations leaves a flow, the connection will be disabled. Improves security automatically.

  • Flow-level administration

    Flow-level admin mode allows your organization to restrict management of users and integrations in flows only to specific people.

  • Pay by invoice

    As an alternative to credit card billing, receive an invoice for CA Flowdock.

Bullet-proof security is our number one concern

CA Flowdock Enterprise is run on a robust infrastructure and trusted by many of the world's largest enterprises.

  • Infrastructure

    CA Flowdock runs on Amazon Web Services.

  • Data encryption

    All data in CA Flowdock is encrypted both in-flight and at rest.

  • Additional Security documentation

    Get a full description of the robust infrastructure that CA Flowdock runs on.

  • Custom reviews with our security team

    CA Flowdock's security team is available to take you through your company's security review process.

Single Sign-On

With CA Flowdock Enterprise, integrate with our SSO partners or any SAML 2.0 and SCIM 1.1 compatible SSO provider to remove the need to manually manage your users and help prevent unauthorized access.

  • Okta is an enterprise-grade identity & mobility management service for all your apps, users & devices.

  • OneLogin is a single sign-on and identity management service for cloud-based applications.

  • SAML 2.0 is a standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between services.

  • SCIM 1.1 is a standard the allows for the management of user identities and groups across services.


…and all the features of CA Flowdock.

CA Flowdock Enterprise includes all of CA Flowdock's great features, including integrations with more than 80 commonly used tools.


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