Organized Collaboration

Flows are the heart of Flowdock, they are open spaces for your teams to converse and collaborate. Invite project stakeholders to join your Flow to participate in discussions, see updates from your tools, and receive catered notifications.

  • What is Threading?

    Within a team Flow, conversations are organized by Threads. Team members can reply to these Threads, keeping topics organized. All conversations are color coded so you can quickly identify a topic and jump back into the conversation.

  • Not for Everyone?

    If you need to discuss something confidentially with a member of your team, you can converse privately through our 1:1 Flows.

  • Just Like In-Person

    Use the /appear command to activate instant video chat and screen sharing through one of our favorite integrations: The link is available for anyone on your team to join.

Integration Inbox

Flowdock keeps your team focused by providing one space for all your integration updates. View updates from each of your favorite tools in the Inbox while also keeping your conversations clean and focused.

  • Customize Your Tool Belt!

    Browse our integration catalog to install your team tools. Don’t see one, or need it fine-tuned? Utilize our open API to create the integration your team needs to get work done.

  • Stay on Topic, Please

    Tools have updates and reason for conversation amongst the team. Keep those discussions associated to the appropriate integration through Threading.

  • Where Was That?

    Easily locate work items, requests, or attachments by utilizing the search and filtering capabilities in your Integration Inbox. Use our tagging functionality to group Threads together for easy filtering.

And Even More

Our goal is to enable your team to be connected, organized and equipped to react quickly and appropriately to any speed bumps, roadblocks or changes that you may encounter during a project.

  • Make Work Fun

    Your Flow should not only be a place to get work done, but also somewhere for your team to grow and show personality. We offer features like /giphy and custom emojis to help teams add humor to their day.

  • We Know, it Gets Noisy

    Through notification options, message tags, bots, 100+ integrations and file sharing, we strive to humanize the virtual workspace environment without continuously interrupting your work.

  • On the Go?

    Access this interconnected experience on desktop and mobile devices so that you can stay up to date anytime, anywhere. Visit the iOS App Store and Android Store to learn more.