Chat – Reach And Be Reached In Real-Time

Chat is half of what makes up a flow. It is where your daily conversations live. Discuss, clarify, notify teammates, share files – on the desktop and on the go.

  • Be A Part Of Multiple Flows

    Groups are organized into flows. Take part in as many as you wish.

  • Get Your Teammates' Attention

    Just mention the name of a teammate, and they’ll be instantly notified.

  • Express More With Emoji

    Emoji is great for quickly expressing more than words can say. If the built-in emojis aren't enough, add your own!

  • Drag 'n Drop Uploads

    Upload files easily: just drag and drop your file onto the screen to upload it immediately.

  • Good News @Team!

    Get a flow's attention by mentioning @team. Use @everyone, @all or @anyone when you really need everyone's attention.

  • Sound, Desktop And Mobile Notifications

    Get notified of everything, or only when you're mentioned. Configurable to your needs.

  • Know The Context With Threaded Chat

    Multiple simultaneous conversations are no longer a problem with threaded chat.

  • See Who's Typing

    Whenever someone types something, you'll see a little notification saying so on your side.

  • See Who's Online

    Your teammates’ availability is always indicated, even when they are on mobile.

  • 1-on-1 Private Chat

    Use 1:1 flows when you need to speak privately.

  • File Uploads & Storage

    Quick and easy file sharing right inside the chat. All your files are stored forever.

  • Image Previews

    Upload an image or PDF and a quick preview is shown. Also works for image, YouTube and many other links.

  • Comment On Anything You See Or Do

    Reply to any message or file to create a quick message thread on that subject. Get context when you need it.

  • Edit Messages

    Slipped a typo? Said something you didn't mean? You can quickly edit your messages.

  • Status Updates

    Let your coworkers know what you’re up to. You can even say things like /status I'm busy today!

  • Access Anyone or Any Flow Quickly

    With one click or a keyboard shortcut, jump to any flow, open or closed. Enjoy our minimalist navigation and stay focused on your communication.

Team Inbox – Stay On Top Of Your Tools

The team inbox is the other half of a flow. See, in real-time, what your team is working on, what your customers are saying, what's happening on GitHub and over 50 of your favorite tools.

  • A Shared Inbox For Your Team

    Your team inbox acts as an activity stream of all your favorite tools. See what's going on in the world or what your team is doing in real-time.

  • Spark Conversations Around Activity

    Instantly start a conversation thread around any team inbox activity. Ask questions, clarify, comment!

  • Receive Email

    Your flow has an email address. Integrate it with any tool that sends automated emails. Start a conversation by sending an email to your team inbox.

  • RSS Reader

    Integrate with any tool that offers RSS feeds. Follow status and service outage notification feeds.

  • Custom Content

    Use the API to easily push custom messages to your flow's team inbox.

  • Keep Up-To-Date With GitHub

    Get notified and start discussions around commits, pull requests, issues, etc. View diffs, create new pull requests.

  • Stay On Plan With Pivotal Tracker

    Stay on top of things when shuffling the backlog. Always know what everyone's working on.

  • Track & Discuss Your Cards On Trello

    Keep your team's collective brain on top of changes to your Trello boards.

  • Stay On Top Of JIRA

    Track your issues, discuss changes and focus on what's important.

  • Track Changes In Confluence

    Stay up-to-date on changes to important wiki documents. Chat about content changes.

  • Keep Your Customers Happy With Zendesk

    Discuss tricky tickets and react more quickly as a team.

Seamless Apps On The Web, The Desktop & Your Mobile Device

CA Flowdock lives on the web, and runs beautifully with any modern desktop browser. But if you prefer to go native, Apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android and OS X.

  • iPhone and iPad App

    Get push notifications and chat with your team while on the move with our universal iOS app.

  • Android App

    Get push notifications and chat with your team while on the move with our universal Android app.

  • Mac OS X App

    Our native OS X desktop app is equipped with native notifications and much more.

  • Windows App

    The app runs on Windows 7 and 8.x. Includes desktop notifications, a notification count badge and more.

  • Be Notified Wherever You Are

    Be notified when you're mentioned, no matter your location. Don't miss important conversations.

  • Works With All Modern Browsers

    A web app that works with any modern desktop browser.

Persistent – Never Lose Or Miss Anything

Your flow (and its history) lives online. Access it from wherever you are, instantly. Find what was said in any conversation.

  • Chat History Is Stored Forever

    Your team inbox content and discussions are stored forever.

  • Full Text Search Remembers For You

    Doesn't matter when it was said or who said it, you'll find it later using the full-text search.

  • Find Content More Easily With #hashtags

    Searching with hashtags, you'll find your #protips, #checklists, #todos and #production #deploys.

  • Create Notes And Lists With #tags

    Manage quick #todo lists, track your #client, collect #bug reports or #feature requests.

  • Categorize Automated Messages With #tags

    Send tagged messages to create #deploy or #exception logs, collect #meeting notes or #todos.

  • Show Messages In Their Original Context

    When you find a message, you can easily click through to the original conversation to see what was said.

  • Back Up Manually With Data Exports

    You can back up your team's conversations and files fully at any time you need to do so.

Team Collaboration At Scale

  • Enterprise Scale

    Used by organizations with hundreds and thousands of people. We offer a special plan for Enterprise need.

  • Top Grade Security

    Uses highest industry standards for data encryption and physical security.

  • Google Apps Integration

    Companies using Google Apps get a link to their Apps toolbar and won't have to separately manage users.

  • User And Team Administration

    Gives your organization's administrators control over teams and users.

  • Integrate Any Tool

    On top of our 80+ custom integrations, you can easily integrate any tool that sends emails or generates RSS feeds – or build a custom integration with our API.

  • Add Organizations for External Users

    When you're working with stakeholders such as clients or partners, it's natural to want a little bit of privacy. Add organizations easily when need be.

Software Developers Rejoice!

  • A Full Developer API

    The API gives developers the freedom to create custom integrations and workflows for the team.

  • Use An IRC-style Bot With Hubot

    Comes with out-of-the-box support for Hubot, GitHub's popular chat bot.

  • Use With Any IRC Client

    If you prefer your very own IRC client over our apps, you can use it directly. Just connect to

  • Smart Pastes & Code Syntax Highlighting

    Copy-paste code or text and we'll render it nicely. We'll even detect code and add syntax highlighting.

  • Keep Up With Broken & Fixed Builds

    Integrates with most continuous integration and build systems and allows you to get real-time notifications.

  • Create GitHub Pull Requests From CA Flowdock

    As CA Flowdock receives notifications of GitHub pushes, you can easily create new pull requests from those branches.

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