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Flowdock Help

Welcome to the Flowdock Help site. Using the sidebar on the left, you can find usage help, tips and tricks for using Flowdock and instructions on how to set up integrations with other services.

Getting Started with Flowdock

Signing up for Flowdock is easy: just select a signup method from our front page and fill in your details. You can also sign up using your existing Google account to have your details pre-filled.

Once you've registered, you will be taken straight to a flow. This default flow is called "Main". From this view, you can create new flows by opening the tab dropdown menu in the top bar, next to the Main tab.

User Interface

Welcome ui help
  1. Tab bar
  2. Team Inbox
  3. Chat

The main view of the flow consists of three parts. You can switch between flows by clicking the tabs in the tab bar at the top of the page. The team inbox is on the left and chat is on the right.

Understanding Flows

As a rule of thumb, create flows for each separate team.

Let's say you have a company called Acme Inc. that has three teams working on different stuff. All the teams would have their own flows (e.g. "Web team", "Mobile team", "Marketing and sales").

Of course, Flowdock can be used with any company, non-profit or group of people that want to work and discuss things together. You can start with a few people in one flow, and expand from there based on your needs. Inviting new people to a flow is easily done by clicking on the Add new person button at the top right corner of the Chat section.