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Making video calls with whereby.com

CA Flowdock's whereby.com integration lets you have a video call with up to four people. As long as you have the Chrome or Firefox web browser installed, no additional software is required. Signing up for an whereby.com account is optional, but allows you to lock a room for private use.

To start a video call, just enter /appear in your flow or 1-to-1 conversation. You can also type "/appear room-name" to start a call in a specific room. The video call will pop up for you and the other people in the flow or 1-to-1 will see a link to the video call. If you're using a browser instead of our desktop app, you'll need to allow CA Flowdock to open popup windows.

whereby.com also has an iOS app and supports most Android browsers so you can participate in video calls while on the go.

Don't hesitate to visit our community page for support.

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