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Integrating AWS CloudWatch

Use Amazon CloudWatch alarms to send notifications about your AWS resources to CA Flowdock.

  1. Log in to Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS).
  2. Set up an Amazon SNS Topic using your flow's e-mail address by following the instructions here.
  3. Sign in to CloudWatch and set up a new alarm with your required parameters and the Topic ARN that you received when setting up the SNS topic.

    For example, to send an email to your flow when CPU utilization exceeds 70%, use the following input:

    Prompt>mon-put-metric-alarm  --alarm-name cpu-mon --alarm-description "Alarm when CPU exceeds 70%" --metric-name CPUUtilization --namespace AWS/EC2 --statistic Average  --period 60 --threshold 70 --comparison-operator GreaterThanThreshold  --dimensions  "InstanceId=i-12345678"  --evaluation-periods 3 --alarm-actions arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:887848922426:MyTopic --unit Percent

  4. You can test your newly created alarm with the following CloudWatch console commands:
    Prompt>mon-set-alarm-state cpu-mon --state-reason "initializing" --state-value OK
    Prompt>mon-set-alarm-state cpu-mon --state-reason "testing" --state-value ALARM

Check out the CloudWatch documentation for more examples on how to setup various alarms.

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