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Managing existing IM tools and email lists

Having a single communication channel for a specific purpose is important. This is why we highly recommend that you stop using any existing IM tools when you decide to take CA Flowdock into use. In order for communication to be effective, people need to know where to find discussions. With CA Flowdock, it’s finally possible to keep communication in one place.

If you rely on mailing lists to stay informed, just add your flow’s email address (usually of the form flowname@organizationname.flowdock.com) to the mailing list. Content sent to the mailing list will appear in the flow’s team inbox. You can find the correct email address from the flow’s settings.

After adopting CA Flowdock, a surprising thing happens: wikis, email lists, intranets and other means of communication are typically used less, but more effectively. They are no longer used for quick discussions in the comments section, but instead as persistent reference documentation. People tend to ask for help and discuss work happening right now in CA Flowdock instead. As an administrator, make sure that your processes support this transition.