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Configuring GitLab

GitLab is a self-hosted git version control management system, similar to GitHub. You can integrate it with CA Flowdock to receive notifications about commits. These instructions work for both the self-hosted version and GitLab Cloud. Here's how to integrate:

  1. Select a flow below to create a Git source for the GitLab integration. Configure
  2. Log in to GitLab and open the settings of the project you want to integrate with your flow.
  3. From the menu on the upper part of the screen select “Integrations”.
  4. From the “Project Services” available find and select “Flowdock”.
  5. Enter the token you received from the first step. Make sure the Active checkbox is checked.*
  6. Save your settings. You should now receive messages in your team inbox from GitLab.

If you run into any problems, visit our community page for support.

*PLEASE NOTE: There is a limitation with GitLab Integrations that you will need to work around to setup successfully. Specifically:

  • If there are zero commits in the project, then you will encounter a GitLab error that will prevent you from saving your token.
  • Similarly if there are 1-2 commits in the project, then you will receive a different error. You can proceed by selecting “save anyway”.
  • So long as you have a minimum of 3 commits in the project, your integration setup should proceed successfully.
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