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Integrating Heroku

Setting up notifications about Heroku deployments is straightforward. Simply tell the Email Deploy Hook to send an email to your flow. This can be done using the heroku gem:

  heroku addons:create deployhooks:email \
    --recipient=flow_name@organization_name.flowdock.com \
    --subject="{{user}} deployed {{app}} #deploy #production" \
    --body="The following changes were deployed: {{git_log}}"

...or you can achieve the same by selecting and configuring the Email Hook addon from the Heroku site. You will need to configure it to send emails to your flow's email address, which can be found from your flow's integration settings. Instructions for setting it up can be found here.

Once set up, your flow will receive an email every time your app is deployed.

Tip: #hashtags in the email subject line are automatically converted to searchable tags.

If you run into any problems, visit our community page.

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