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Integrating With Other Tools

If your favorite tool is not listed on our integrations page, here are a few pointers on how to integrate other tools. Most of them can be integrated using one of the following methods:

  1. Email notifications - Set your tool or service to send e-mail notifications to your CA Flowdock flow. This solution may seem low-tech, but in practice often leads to excellent results. You can find your flow's email address from the Inbox Settings, which can be opened by clicking on the gear icon next to the flow's name.
    » Example: Pingdom
  2. RSS feeds - Many tools provide RSS feeds which consist of an activity stream of things that are going on in that tool. Just copy the feed address, open your flow's Inbox Settings, and add the feed to integrate the tool.
    » Example: Redmine
  3. CA Flowdock API - Some tools have configurable web hook or URL trigger functionalities. These features can be used in conjunction with the CA Flowdock API to get notifications posted to the team inbox.
  4. Zapier – Many tools can be integrated with CA Flowdock using Zapier, which is a web service that connects other web applications to one another. Check out the list of Zapier's supported applications and see this primer on setting up CA Flowdock integration with Zapier.

If your integration doesn’t work out, visit our community page for support.

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