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Invite Others

Chatting alone is no fun. Invite others to join you in your flows!

Add people button

Invite people to a flow by clicking the Add people button above the chat. If they're not on CA Flowdock yet, simply enter their email address, and an invitation email will be sent to them. Once they join the flow, they will also be added to your Flowdock organization.

Alternatively, you can enable an access link from the flow's access mode settings, which you can then share with others as you wish.

Flow access mode settings

You can also make your flow open to everyone in your organization. This means that the flow will be visible in the list of flows that appears when a user clicks on the + button at the bottom of the sidebar. This setting can also be changed from the access mode settings.

CA Flowdock can be configured to automatically add people to your organization when they sign up for CA Flowdock. For more information about this, access modes, user permissions and CA Flowdock organizations, check out Organizations & users.