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Integrating JIRA

JIRA is a popular issue and project tracking app. When you connect your JIRA with CA Flowdock, changes become a part of your team's discussions. It greatly reduces your team's reaction times, and keeps everyone on the same page. Here's how to integrate it with CA Flowdock:

  1. Navigate to the flow that you want to integrate with JIRA. Open the flow's Inbox Settings from the gear icon next to the flow's name.
  2. Hover over the JIRA section and click on “Add new”.
  3. Follow the instructions in the pop-up window. If a new window doesn't appear, make sure that you're not blocking pop-up windows in your browser.

That's it, you're done. If you want to stop receiving notifications from the JIRA account, simply delete it from your flow's Inbox Settings.

If you run into any problems, visit our community page for support.

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