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Configuring Runscope

Runscope lets you monitor and test APIs wherever they live, from local dev to production. When you integrate CA Flowdock with Runscope, results from your API tests become a part of your team's discussions. When incidents occur, your team will be the first to know.

Here's how to integrate Runscope with your flow:

  1. Select a flow from below and copy the flow's API token.

  2. Log in to Runscope.
  3. From the Radar Tests menu, click the test that you’d like to integrate with CA Flowdock.
  4. Click Integrations on the left side menu.

  5. Click on the 'Connect Flowdock' button from the list of integrations.
  6. Paste the CA Flowdock API key from step 1 into the Flowdock API Token field.

  7. Enter a Flow Name for reference.
  8. Enter any (optional) tags, separated by commas. All messages from this test will be automatically tagged with these tags. You can also enter @username tags to send notifications to the desired people. The tag #passed or #failed will be added automatically.
  9. Select where you want the message to be sent, either the team inbox or chat. The team inbox is strongly recommended.
  10. Select when a notification should be sent. The default is to send a notification to your flow after every test is completed. Other options allow you to only receive notifications after failed test runs.
  11. Click 'Connect Account'.
  12. Make sure the Flowdock service is "on" in the integrations list.

You're done! Run the test to see a Runscope Radar notification in your chosen flow.

If you run into any problems, visit our community page for support.

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