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Using Screenhero in Flowdock

Note: Screenhero is no longer accepting new user signups. A Screenhero account is needed in order to use this integration, and your Screenhero account email address must match your CA Flowdock account's email address. If you don't have a Screenhero account, appear.in is a great alternative for video calls and screen sharing.

Screenhero allows you to collaboratively share your screen with others, or simply make a voice call. You can easily start a Screenhero call with a member of your flow or 1-to-1 conversation, right from within CA Flowdock.

From a flow, start a screen sharing session with another member by entering /hero @username in the chat. If you want to start a voice call, type in /hero voice @username. The first time you use Screenhero from CA Flowdock, you will need to give CA Flowdock permission in the app to initiate a call.

You can also start a Screenhero call from a 1-to-1 conversation, in which case specifying a username is not needed. Starting a call is as simple as typing /hero or /hero voice.

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