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The team inbox allows you to search and filter all of your flow's content, including chat messages, uploaded files, emails and other inbox items.

Flowdock currently supports searching by tags or full-text search. When searching with multiple tags, the result will only show items that have all of the tags. NOTE: full-text search ignores numbers in the search string.


Searching and tagging

There are two ways of tagging messages:

  1. Any word starting with the "#" character will be automatically used to tag the message in chat messages, comments or even email subjects. Messages can also be tagged with a @user-tag to hilight the message for the tagged user.
  2. Almost anything, including chat messages, can be tagged by clicking the tag icon in the top right corner of the message.

All users can edit the tags of any message. If you notice something important that hasn't been tagged, you can tag the message – even if you didn't send it yourself. This way, the whole team can collaborate on keeping the discussion in the flow more organized.

Here are some simple examples to give you an idea of how you can use tags:

  • Buy more coffee #todo #shoppinglist
  • http://www.flowdock.com #collaboration
  • The main navigation links don't work on #ie10 #bug #production
  • Could @everyone verify their attendance to the monthly meeting #todo

Note that the last example with the special @everyone tag would have been hilighted for all the users in a flow.