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Who gets to add more users to our CA Flowdock organization?

By default, any user. Administrators can choose to change this from the organization's Admin page. For CA Flowdock Enterprise customers, only admins can invite new users by default.

If an organization has been linked to a CA Agile Central subscription, Google Apps domain, email domain or has SSO enabled, new users can join the organization without an invitation by signing up and using the appropriate authentication method.

When using SSO, IT can typically control CA Flowdock access by creating a group that maps to the CA Flowdock service.

Can someone without access to CA Flowdock get a URL to one of the posts and still see that content?

No. To access any of your data, the person will need a CA Flowdock user account and be a member of your CA Flowdock organization.

Can we backup our discussions and files from CA Flowdock?

All CA Flowdock company accounts have the possibility to export their data in a simple structured data format, including all uploaded files in their original condition. You can use this feature whenever you want to backup the data that is stored in CA Flowdock.

If you require a custom data retention plan or access to our security team, have a look at the CA Flowdock Enterprise plan.

Can I see when my users have logged in to CA Flowdock?

Organization admins can see when a user has last been active from the organization’s Users list, which is accessible from the Account page.

Where is the data hosted?

Data is hosted in Amazon AWS in the US. We’re using multiple availability zones and regions for high availability.

CA Flowdock will not move this data to another jurisdiction without informing Customers before any such move. CA Flowdock is Safe Harbor certified.

Is our data secure?

Your data is stored in a high-security computer server environments protected by 24/7 surveillance and accessible only by authorized personnel. These establishments feature guaranteed uninterrupted power supply, climate control and fire detection/protection. The physical location of the servers is not disclosed. Your data is backed up to multiple different physical locations with equal level of security. The functionality of the network is secured by multiple redundant connections to ensure access to your data. For more information about our privacy practices, check out our Privacy Statement.

Is data encrypted?

All connections to CA Flowdock’s servers are encrypted using standard SSL encryption and all connections between the servers and data centers within CA Flowdock’s environment go through a secure VPN.

Full disk encryption is used on the servers.

All passwords are stored encrypted and salted.

Does CA Flowdock scan files that are uploaded into the system for viruses?

No, CA Flowdock does not currently scan shared files for viruses. CA Flowdock is used and accessed by employees within a company. We rely on virus scans within the customers organization to ensure that files do not have viruses.