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Sign up

To create a new CA Flowdock account for your company, just sign up! A new organization will be created automatically. You will be the owner of the organization, and it will contain a single flow called "Main". Don’t worry, owners can transfer ownership later on.

An exception to the above is if someone at your company has already signed up for CA Flowdock and has enabled automatic joining. In that case, you'll be added to the existing organization.

New organizations can be created at any time. You can either create it from your Account page or when creating a new flow.

Add your users

In order to get your co-workers to CA Flowdock with you (and not create their own, separate organizations), there are two things you can do:

1. Invite your co-workers

People can be invited directly into a flow. Invitations can be sent directly by email or you can share a flow’s invitation link manually. Click “+ Add people” on top of a flow’s chat area to invite people.

When users join the flow, they are automatically added to the organization that the flow belongs to.

A great way to try out CA Flowdock is to invite the people you frequently work with into your flow. With this pilot team, you can easily discover what threaded chat and the team inbox are like. After a couple of days, you should be able to show how effective communication is in your flow. It’s much easier to demo CA Flowdock to people with real chat content – and for that, you need a team.

2. Set up automatic joining

Users who sign up for CA Flowdock can be automatically added to your organization if they meet specific criteria. Go to your Account page and select Admin under your organization for these settings.

  1. If all your users have the same @email.com address, just enable that email domain and they will be added to your organization once they sign up with an email address that matches that domain.
  2. If your company uses Google Apps for authentication, you can pair your Google Apps domain with CA Flowdock. Note: users will need to sign up using their Google credentials, not the basic email signup. If you want to make sure that people are added to the correct organization no matter if they sign up normally or with Google, you can add both an email domain and Google Apps pairing.
  3. If you prefer to use the CA Agile Central credentials, pair your CA Flowdock organization with your CA Agile Central subscription. Once that is done, your users should sign up “Using CA Agile Central”.

A list of your organization’s users can be found from the Users page, which is accessible from below your organization on your Account page.

By default, anyone can invite new users to your organization by inviting them to a flow. This can be disabled from the organization’s Admin page.

Read more about how organizations, users and accounts work, especially with CA Agile Central.