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Flowdock's Roadmap

A look at Flowdock's future and past

Markdown support and an emoji picker

You can now add simple formattings like bold and italics, as well as create lists, links or blockquotes.
The new emoji picker adds lots of color to your chat. Read more

Other new hotness

Feedback needed

Most requested features

These are the improvement ideas that have received the most support. They're the problems that we want to solve. The ideas still not quite fully formed and require some refinement. Feedback is very much appreciated: tell us how and in what situations you would use the feature.

How would you improve Flowdock?

Have a new feature request? Feel something could be improved?

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The evolution of Flowdock


Just released

Reach the right people with @team

@team becomes the new @everyone. Use @team to contact the right people in a flow. Opt out of @team in the flows that you're just hanging out in to not get bothered by notifications for messages directed at the flow's core team. Read more

Flowdock for Windows

First there was Solitaire, Paint and Notepad. Now there's also Flowdock for Windows, with native notifications, unread count badge, automatic startup and other features. Read more

Flowdock Enterprise

With all of the features that Flowdock users know and love, Flowdock Enterprise makes the lives of enterprise users even easier: simplified user management with Single Sign-On support, custom retention policies, an SLA and more for those enterprise needs. Read more

New two-way integrations

Two-way actions, threaded integration messages, inbox status labels and more – all of it possible thanks to Flowdock's new integration platform. The integration platfom launch included revamped integrations for some of our most popular integrations: GitHub, Trello, Zendesk, PagerDuty and Rally. And the best part: all these features can be used by your own, custom integrations thanks to the new integration API!


The Next Flowdock

A complete redesign of Flowdock. The new layout better supports many open flows and 1-to-1 conversations, and helps you quickly find your important messages. Read More

Native Flowdock mobile apps

Rewritten from the ground up, Flowdock apps for iPhone, iPad and Android were released at the beginning of the year. While somewhat barebones at first, these apps were brought up to par during the year. Read More

Continuous improvements

Flowdock has been constantly improved in countless visible and less visible ways throughout the year. Here are some highlights.


New, simpler pricing

Out with the pre-packaged blocks, in with the simple $3/user/month pricing. And free for teams of five or less! Read more


Be notified instantly when someone mentions you in a flow or private conversation.

Threaded chat

A unique feature not available in any other chat service: threaded conversations. One of Flowdock's most loved features, it takes chat to another level. Once you've threaded your chat, you'll never want to go back. Read More

1-to-1 conversations and open flows

It's hard to believe Flowdock existed without these features.

...and waaaay back

Flowdock was born

With a few redesigns between now and then, this is what Flowdock looked like back in 2009. We've come a long way.

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